“Gala has an amazing talent to transmit her knowledge and engage teams to understand and implement the fundamentals of visual merchandising in a very short time. She also inspires and brings the best out of people, discovering talent and motivating them. I have worked with her several times and have achieved significant sales increases through her work. I love working with her."

Inge Lehmann

Brand Strategist + Founder
Lehmann International

“Hasani is incredibly talented all around. Her energy and passion for her work and others is inspiring. We worked together for 5 years where she was an excellent business partner in driving sales and profit. Not only does she have an amazing creative eye for visual merchandising, she is also extremely business-minded. Hasani is results-oriented and looks at data and information as part of her decision-making process. She possesses a collaborative approach and is an amazing leader who guides and develops those around her. I have learned so much from working together with Hasani - she makes it all look so effortless!”

Jennifer Chan

Senior Vice President/Controller

“Hasani has taught me so much from visual merchandising, to driving sales and profit results, to being a leader that inspires and motivates her teams to strive only for the best. I have witnessed Hasani’s extraordinary creative works in her windows and interior display that has increased traffic; as well as her strategic merchandising placements that drove high sales volume in a fast fashion market. Hasani’s ability to analyze trend reports and her agility to adapt and innovate make her a unique talent in the creative field. She is a people person and a great leader that delivers the greatest results. I have always enjoyed working with Hasani at every level of the fashion retail industry.”

Li Cao

Vendor's Manager
Amazon Fashion

“For those of us that love the world of visual merchandising and feel passionate about it, the training done by Gala has a huge value. She communicates clearly and is able to create an immediate connection with the visual merchandising teams she trains. Her presentations and workshops are enriched by her own professional experience and as a result she is able to motivate teams and inspire them to grow professionally in addition to expanding their visual merchandising techniques.”

Pablo Garrido

Head of Visual Merchandising + Events

“I started working with this dynamic duo back in 2000 and now 16 years later they continue to evolve. Gala and Hasani as individuals are beyond experts in their field, but when the two forces are combined, there is literally nothing they can't do. They are creative, but practical thinkers, versatile in their many skill sets, diligent and timely, problem solvers who are always professional, but also the most fun and honest people I have ever worked with. They have a 360 approach to business as their experience has allowed them to understand it from the bottom to the top. Working with them was the highlight of my career. I learned so much from them and hope to work with them again soon. Anyone who meets them will quickly realize the power of this extraordinary dream team.”

Luella Lane

Creative Director
Anthropologie Europe